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AX8 - Beyond Basics Extra - Footswitch Strategies

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In this video, we take an in-depth look at the Footswitches of the AX8 and discuss strategies for setting them up depending on your type of music performance.

  • Default Setup
    • Block On/Off and XY
    • Single and Sticky Preset/Bank Select
    • Single and Sticky Scene Select
    • Tap Tempo and Tuner
  • All F-Switch Functions
    • Sticky Preset +/-
    • Scene 1/2 Toggle
    • Preset Up and Down
    • Bank Up and Down
    • Single and Sticky XY and Downstroke vs Upstroke explained
    • Looper Control
  • All Main Switch Functions
    • Amp X/Y Toggle
    • Looper Control Revisited
    • Direct Presets and Bank Up/Down
    • Direct Scenes and Scene 1/2 Toggle Revisited
    • Control Switches and brief examples
  • Example Setups and Strategies

This video is just over 1 hour long and assumes you know the basics of the Hardware and AX8-Edit.

For your convenience, the videos are available for download in addition to streaming. Sharing of purchased/downloaded videos is prohibited.

Time Stamps

1:00 - Default Setup
14:22 - F-Switches - All Options
31:03 - Main Switches - All Options
47:47 - Example Setups

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