AX8 - Beyond Basics Part 1 - AX8-Edit

In this video, we take an in-depth look at AX8-Edit, the free software editor for the AX8.

Topics we'll cover are

Left vs Right click
Preset Names and Creating Presets
Importing and Exporting Presets
Menu Items defined (most of them)
Axe-Manage Presets and Cabs
Color-Coding Amps and Cabs
Block Library
Transferring Blocks from Axe-Fx II or FX8 to your AX8

This video is almost 2 hours long and attempts to show all of the major functions of AX8-Edit. For your convenience, the videos are available for download in addition to streaming. Sharing of purchased/downloaded videos is prohibited.

1 MP4 and 1 RTF
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