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AX8 - Beginner's Guide Video

This comprehensive Beginner's Guide video is intended for those new to Fractal Audio products or the AX8 and modelers in general, though some who are already using the AX8 might learn some of the fundamentals they may be missing. This 1 hr 40 min video is designed to explain things right at the beginning of your AX8 experience, rather than quickly skipping over basic concepts only to lead to more questions later. That said, this is intended to be a beginner's guide and can't possibly cover everything in detail. Look for future videos covering smaller topics in-depth.

In this video we'll introduce the AX8 and cover the following topics:

  • Overview of the Knobs, Buttons, and Switches on the top panel
  • How to connect your guitar and Full-Range speakers
  • How to navigate basic screens and menus
  • Presets defined and how to change and rearrange Presets
  • How to use the existing Footswitches in the Factory Presets to engage and bypass blocks
  • How to edit Factory Presets
  • Make your first preset from scratch
  • How to use the built-in VU meter to balance your Preset volumes
  • A brief look at XY Switching, Scenes and AX8-Edit

Be sure to also check out my Axe-Fx II in-depth video on Presets, XY switching and Scenes. The concepts in that video are the same for the AX8 with a few specific exceptions, such as the AX8 only having a single Amp block available, etc. It is free to watch in full here:

For your convenience, the videos are available for download in addition to streaming. Sharing of purchased/downloaded videos is prohibited.

AX8 Beginner's Guide Timestamps:

0:00 - Intro

1:37 - The AX8 Concept

3:29 - Top Panel Overview

8:20 - Reset System Parameters

10:10 - Connecting your Guitar and Full-Range Speakers

17:03 - Trying out the Factory Presets

19:58 - Presets Defined

24:00 - Moving Presets on the AX8 Hardware

27:39 - Using the Main Footswitches

29:38 - Using the F1 Switch for Single and Sticky Preset modes

34:59 - Editing Factory Presets

44:25 - Creating Your Own Presets

59:51 - Using the VU Meter

1:07:04 - A Brief look at XY Switching

1:07:04 - A Brief look at XY Switching

1:11:34 - A Brief look at Scenes

1:22:47 - A Brief look at AX8-Edit

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